Top 1 Garlic Seeds for Planting UK – Vegetable Seeds

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1. Zaisheng

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Zaisheng - As their name suggests, their leaves have a mild garlic flavor bulbs are more intense. Tuberosum. Garlic chives also called chinese chives look similar to common chives, but their leaves are flatter, greener, and get to be about 20 inches in height.

Garlic chives are not quite as cold hardy as common chives. Chives are a perennial member of the onion family that sport beautiful edible flowers. Here’s how to grow chives in your garden! Chives are cool-season, cold-tolerant perennials that are best planted in early spring for a late spring and early summer harvest. The two species of chives commonly grown in home gardens are common chives Allium schoenoprasum and garlic chives A. Flowers are white, and are larger and less densely-clustered than those of common chives.