Top 10 Pineapple Plant Indoor UK – Indoor Plants

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1. GardenersDream

1 x Gorgeous Ananas comosus Amigo | Evergreen Pineapple Plant | 35-45cm Potted

GardenersDream - Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included. This adds an abundance of character to the plant, making it very easy to admire by all. Ornamental pineapple feature – the ananas amigo is a plant with an extremely unique and very effective pineapple at the peak of the plants centre.

It has an unfurling nature to it and suits the whole structure of the plant very well. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Improves the indoor atmosphere - this plant will have no problem purifying the air. Unfurling foliage - the dark green foliage sits perfectly to compliment the rest of the plant. In terms of placement, you should snip of any dry leaves that the plant forms over time.

This pricess sees the plant remove any harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins from the air, giving the room a fresh and clean atmosphere. Simple care procedure – in the sense of plant maintenance, with this being more necessary in the warmer months than the colder Winter months. Watering the plant should be done when the top soil is dry to touch, it should be given bright, indirect light as much as possible.

2. Breasy

Live Indoor Plant, Quality from Holland, Breasy®- Bromeliad Pineapple Plant, Pot Diameter 12 cm -Height 38 cm, Live Indoor Plant Growers Pot, Fresh from The Grower

Breasy - Easy care: strong plants, and very easy to look after. Scientific fact: bromeliads have a positive effect on air quality. Keep this plant for yourself or give as a gift! The blooms last for weeks.

Pot size: 12cm. Enjoy living home dÉcor: bromeliads house plants add tropical flourish to your home, porch, or office. Ships at a minimum of 18-in. Plant height including pot: 40 cm. Tall. They grow slowly, so there?s no need to prune or shape. They absorb more harmful substances such as gases from paint, furniture, printers and cleaning products than other houseplants. A light spot not in full sun, water in the rosette once a week and keepi the soil damp.
Height40 cm (15.75 Inches)
Length35 cm (13.78 Inches)
Weight0.66 kg (1.46 Pounds)
Width35 cm (13.78 Inches)
Part NumberCor01

3. YouGarden

Edible Pineapple Plant with Fruit in 12cm Pot

YouGarden - Supplied at 50cm tall in 14cm pot, already in fruit - not to be confused with the smaller ornamental types available online. Grow your own delicious fresh pineapples on your windowsill - from the same plants used for commercial pineapple production in South America.

Once the fruit is removed an offset will appear which may fruit in following years and an entirely new plant can even be raised by cutting off the leaf crown and planting in compost. The perfect plant for a sunny kitchen or conservatory windowsill, needing little care and attention save a little water and the occasional feed. Each plant is delivered with a pineapple fruit already growing so your plant is guaranteed to fruit this year.

4. GardenersDream

Pineapple Plant | Best Indoor Plants | 35-45cm with Pot, Ananas comosus Amigo

GardenersDream - Place the plant in bright, indirect light and snip off any dry leaves the plant gains over time. Purifies the air and surrounding atmosphere – the surrounding atmosphere and all that live within it will benefit from the addition of this plant.

Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included. It is central to the plant, which means it is destined to catch the eye of anyone who sees the plant in action. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Care procedure – this plant won't require much in care. Foliage that droops over - the foliage unfurls and droops over the edge of the pot below it. This allows the plant to gain even more character, alongside the abundance it already had with the pineapple addition on top.

Unique pineapple addition – the pineapple at the peak of the plants foliage is a very standout feature. It will purify the air, removing any harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins that exist. Water the plant when the top soil is dry to touch, ensuring that this is done more-so in warmer months, then reduced in the colder periods of the year.

5. Bakker

Pineapple comosus | Pineapple Plant | Indoor Tropical Plant | Height 35-40 cm | Pot Ø 12cm

Bakker - This is a very extensive tropical plant family with many different varieties in all sizes and colors. This will prevent the leaf edges from drying out. Care - place the pineapple in a warm, fairly bright place no direct sun. A large inflorescence appears from the heart of a rosette of leaves.

Tropical plant - tropical pineapple plant! do you have a snorer at home? The Ananas comosus will solve the problem! This plant's aromatics have the effect of opening the airways, topped with a pineapple, and the plant produces a lot of oxygen. The leaves form a narrow tube. A bromeliad will only flower once but the flowers will remain on the plant for three to six months. Eye catcher - a bromeliad will always be noticed in your home. Bromelia - the pineapple plant ananas comosus belongs to the bromeliad family Bromeliaceae.

Always keep the soil moist without the plant standing in the water. This tropical plant needs high humidity, so spray the leaves now and then. The lush leaves on this plant, make this plant simply delightful to look at. High quality and fast shipping - at bakker we help you to make your house and garden, terrace and balcony green. For over 70 years, our customers have trusted the excellent quality of our extensive range of plant products. This makes bakker the number 1 in shipping plants in Europe.
Height40 cm (15.75 Inches)
Length12 cm (4.72 Inches)
Weight0.68 kg (1.51 Pounds)
Width45 cm (17.72 Inches)
Part Number72735

6. GardenersDream

1 x Ananas comosus Amigo, Pineapple Plant | 35-45cm Potted Houseplant Gift

GardenersDream - When it comes to plant maintenance, you should water the plant. An unfurling foliage nature - the plants dark green foliage unfurls and spreads out more than some other indoor plants. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included.

Minimal care required - when the top soil is dry to touch, you should snip off any dry leaves the plant has and place it in an area with bright, with Wintertime seeing the levels reduce as temperatures drop. These evergreen leaves will be a feature that stays throughout the year, adding a more exotic feel to the room. A plant that purifies the air - the plant will purify the air by removing harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins from the air around it, ensuring the atmosphere is fresh and revitalised.

Images are for illustrative purposes only. Unique pineapple on top - the ananas amigo has a very eye-catching addition of a Pineapple on top of the plant. This is particularly prevalent as it is located at the very peak of the plant, which allows it to be seen very clealy by all passing by. This process should take place in the warmer months especially, indirect light.

7. Thompson & Morgan

1 x 14cm Potted Pineapple Plant by Thompson and Morgan, Pineapple Plant Fruiting House Plant Grow Your Own Exotic Fruit for Bright Windowsill or Conservatory

Thompson & Morgan - Your satisfaction guaranteed; we want you to be 100% satisfied with any product you buy from us. A great plant to create a real talking point in your home, this unusual house plant combines appearance and practicality brilliantly.

Ananas comosus makes for a stunning tropical houseplant that produces edible fruit, instantly recognisable as delicious pineapples. Exotic fruit plant; supplied as 1 x 14cm Potted Pineapple Plant - Supplied with T&M's very own cultural instructions on how to care for your houseplants. If you’re not 100% happy then neither are we, so let us know and we’ll replace your product or give you your money back. Prior to the plant bearing fruits, in the summer ananas comosus will produce cones of purple flowers with bright red bracts that make a spectacular display.
BrandThompson & Morgan

8. GardenersDream

1 x Evergreen Ananas comosus Amigo | Premium 35-45cm Potted Pineapple Plant

GardenersDream - A plant that will take care of you - there are ways in which you can care for the plant, but it will care for you by purifying the air in the room it is placed in. Images are for illustrative purposes only. The plant will remove harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins from the air, giving many benefits to the area around it.

Unusual pineapple on top - the pineapple on top of the plant is a very unusual and unique feature that the Ananas is well-known for. As a form of maintenance, the plant should be watered. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included. This should be done more-so in the warmer months of Summer, indirect light. With the common name of Pineapple Plant, its easy to see why that name has been given to it. When the top soil is dry to touch, you should snip off any dry leaves and make sure the plant is situated in bright, as opposed to the Wintertime when you can lower these levels.

Evergreen, unfurling foliage - the evergreen foliage allows the plant to maintain its dark green colour throughout the year which, when the pineapple eventually falls from the plant, will be the main feature of the plant - and a stylish one at that. No fuss in the care process - the care process for the ananas amigo is easy to understand.

9. Polnix

Silver Mirror Pineapple Effect Ceramic Indoor Plant Flower Pot Holder 16cm

Polnix - Silver Glazed Ceramic. Perfect for house plants, herbs or seeds. Stunning silver Mirror Pineapple Effect. 16cm.
Height12 cm (4.72 Inches)
Length12 cm (4.72 Inches)
Weight2 kg (4.41 Pounds)
Width12 cm (4.72 Inches)

10. GardenersDream

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GardenersDream - Pot size - 12cm Plant height 30cm. Easy to grow plant. A delightful looking plant. Great plant for keeping in offices, bedrooms, kitchens and many more places. Has many healing properties.