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1. Blagdon

250ml, Natural, Plant Friendly, Blagdon Green Away for Ponds, Clears Green Water and Algae, Safe for Fish

Blagdon - Green away is harmless to filters and all species of pond fish, plants and all wildlife. Treats 5, 000 litres 1, 100 gallons; the bottle's dosing chamber makes it easy to measure the correct dose needed for your pond. Fish will benefit from the use of this product as algae can reduce the oxygen levels in the water. Green away clumps together the suspended algae, which cause the green water problem. The algae clumps then drop out of suspension or are trapped in the mechanical filtration media in your pond filter.
Height3 cm (1.18 Inches)
Length3 cm (1.18 Inches)
Weight0.3 kg (0.66 Pounds)
Width3 cm (1.18 Inches)
Part Number2673

2. Envii

Envii Algae Klear Xtra – Blanket Weed Treatment Kills Submerged Algae – Treats 10,000 Litres

Envii - Kills submerged blanket weed and string algae in ponds within 2 weeks. Suitable for all ponds and is safe for fish, wildlife and plants. Can be used at any temperature to control blanket weed & string algae. 500ml bottle treats 10, 000 litres. Uses a unique UV light filter to prevent new growth.

3. Evolution Aqua

Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb, for Crystal Clear Healthy Water, Treats up to 20,000 litres

Evolution Aqua - Fast acting, intensive treatment for your pond – for use in water quality emergencies or when making any changes to your pond system, such as adding new fish or changing diet. Plant and pond life friendly – pure pond bomb does not contain any algaecides which can be harmful to fish, plant and pond life.

Use pure pond bomb together with an appropriate UV Clarification to safely eradicate green water. Safe to use in new or established, filtered or non-filtered, self-contained water features and ponds. Natural, chemical free solution for crystal clear, healthy pond water – pure pond bomb contains beneficial bacteria and natural enzymes that rapidly break down organic waste leaving your pond clean and fish healthy.

It is not intended to clear green water. Award winning product, manufactured in the uk – voted product of the year by Practical Fishkeeping and AQUA. Safe for fish and all ponds – pure pond bomb’s all natural ingredients only activate when needed.
BrandEvolution Aqua
ManufacturerEvolution Aqua
Height6.5 cm (2.56 Inches)
Length10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Weight0.27 kg (0.61 Pounds)
Width10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Part Number21903
WarrantyManufacturer Fault

4. CLEAR waters

CLEAR waters Nishikoi Blanketweed Treatment 1L

CLEAR waters - A natural pond treatment with algaecide for the fast, a proven algaecide which is completely safe for use in ornamental ponds, year-round solution delivers excellent results within two weeks and — unlike other treatments — clears algae and blanket weed in water temperatures as low as 4°C! A tried and tested year-round treatment for tackling blanket weed that dissolves quickly without turning the water milky to help you rediscover the true beauty of your pond! Clearwaters blanket weed utilises monolinuron, 100% effective and complete control of the common garden pond problems of blanket weed string algae, slime algae and nuisance duck weed! This fast-acting, and does not contain harmful metals such as copper and zinc! Suitable for use with ultraviolet clarifiers and biological pond filters, it is also harmless to fish, frogs and all birds and animals who decide to visit your pond for a refreshing drink!.

BrandCLEAR waters
Height11 cm (4.33 Inches)
Length11 cm (4.33 Inches)
Weight0.2 kg (0.44 Pounds)
Width11 cm (4.33 Inches)
Part Number68750

5. Envii

Envii Pond Klear – Green Water Treatment Improves Pond Water Clarity Down To 4°C – Treats Up To 20,000 Litres

Envii - Unique bacteria work as well at 4°C as they do at 40°C and are the best on the market. Can be used either as a treatment to clear water, or to prevent dirty water. 1 litre bottle treats up to 20, 000 Litres. Beneficial bacterial treatment keeps water clean and ponds healthy. Binds together suspended particles to reduce green, cloudy and murky water.

6. Blagdon

Blagdon Pond Algaway, Treats 10,740L of Pond Water, Pet & Wildlife Safe, Removes Blanketweed and String Algae, Small

Blagdon - Add one capful for every 1, 950 litres of pond water to a bucket of warm water and dissolve, distribute evenly over the pond surface. Remove as much blanket weed as possible by hand to increase the product’s rate of effectiveness. Effective and easy to use, wildlife and pets. Kills blanketweed and string algae, which can then be removed from the pond to prevent further outbreaks. Treats 10, safe for fish, 740 litres of pond water. This treatment will also help to encourage healthy, lush and healthy plant growth.
Height22 cm (8.66 Inches)
Length5 cm (1.97 Inches)
Weight0.62 kg (1.37 Pounds)
Width13 cm (5.12 Inches)
Part Number2758

7. Envii

Envii Pond Klear Xtra – Green Pond Water Cleaner Is 3x Stronger Than Pond Klear – Treats Up To 60,000 Litres

Envii - Beneficial bacterial treatment keeps water clean and ponds healthy. 1 litre bottle treats up to 60, 000 litres. Contains three times as much bacteria as our standard Pond Klear. Binds together suspended particles to reduce green, cloudy and murky water. Designed to clear extremely dirty ponds or to improve clarity in larger ponds.
Part Number.

8. Envii

Envii Sludge Klear – Pond Sludge Treatment Works Down To 4°C – Treats Up To 30,000 Litres

Envii - 1 pack contains 6 tablets and treats up to 30, 000 litres. Beneficial bacteria reduce the build-up of sludge and eliminate unpleasant odours. Works in all ponds to clear water, reduce sludge and maintain a healthy pond. Binds together suspended particles to improve clarity and clear cloudy or green water. 100% natural and safe for all fish, wildlife, pets and aquatic plants.
Height2 cm (0.79 Inches)
Length18 cm (7.09 Inches)
Weight0.05 kg (0.11 Pounds)
Width15 cm (5.91 Inches)
Part NumberSKTABS12

9. Blagdon

1L, Blagdon Clear Pond, Safe, Clears Dirty Green/Brown Water Quickly, Natural, Treats 20,000 Litres of Water

Blagdon - Use for clearing cloudy or dirty pond water caused by suspended dirt particles. Clear pond's formula is naturally safe and enhances mechanical filtration in your pond to help keep your water crystal clear. Accurate dosing chamber for easy, no mess measurement of treatment to suit the size of pond. Rapidly clears green water, cloudy, or dirty, brown, grey pond water to keep your pond healthy. Clear pond is naturally safe and harmless to filters and all species of pond fish, plants and water using wildlife.
ManufacturerInterpet Ltd
Height12.7 cm (5 Inches)
Length8.41 cm (3.31 Inches)
Width23.9 cm (9.41 Inches)
Part Number2739


HYDRA Crystal Green Algae Treats UpTo 10,000 litres + Pond Algae Green Water Treatment 1Kg

HYDRA - For use with exterior Filter Box to Remove the Treated Algae. Not harmful for fish, Biological Filters or Pumps Installed in the Pond. 100% biodegradable, maintains Clear, Healthy & Clean Water in your Pond. Very rapidly removes the Pond Green Water to give you Crystal Clear Water. Shelf life 3 years, 1 kg Treats up to 10, 000 litres.
ManufacturerHydra International Ltd
Height10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Length23 cm (9.06 Inches)
Width34 cm (13.39 Inches)
Part NumberHYD59701