Top 8 Live Spider Plant UK – Indoor Plants

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1. GardenersDream

Chlorophytum Variegatum, Spider Plant | Best Indoor Plants | 20-30cm with Pot

GardenersDream - Neatly finished green foliage colour – the foliage upon the spider plant is something that makes the plant look very pristine and neatly finished. Images are for illustrative purposes only. This opens the door for many locations such as homes, in conservatories, on window sills, offices, bathrooms and much more.

Cared for with ease – when you are housing the variegatum, you will find that caring for the plant is no bother at all. Easy plant to house - you can place this plant in a variety of indoor environments. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included. You will only be required to water it up to twice a month in the Summer months, reducing that to once a month as the year rolls into Wintertime.

Provides you with air-purifying qualities – this very attractive, fresh and clean member of the Chlorphytum genus has tremendous air-purifying qualities. The green colour gives the plant a good base colour, which is then joined by the white stripes on the outer margins of the leaves. It will require partial shade, with some access to direct sunlight. This means it will remove any harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins that exist in the air around the plant.

2. GardenersDream

Chlorophytum Bonnie Trailing Spider Plant Potted houseplant 20-30cm Incl. Pot

GardenersDream - Images are for illustrative purposes only. Great addition to your home - Spider Plants will make a handsome addition to any window-ledge, shelf, kitchen space or office desk. It is recommended to repot once every two years - during Spring is the ideal time.

Be sure to situate in a warm to hot temperature area with no direct sunlight - this will damage the growth of the leaves. Lush evergreen foliage - chlorophytum 'spider Plants' display curly lush green and foliage with hints of golden-yellow throughout the entire year. Creating a visually pleasing plant to add additions to any houseplant collection. Care guide - chlorophytum houseplants will thrive in fresh, well-drained and moist soils.

Water thoroughly during the growing season April - October and occasinally during the Winter months. Chlorophytum are air purifiers - introducing a Bonnie 'Spider Plant' to your home will allow for the plant to remove any unwanted, contaminated substances and diffuse fresh oxygen into your home. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included.

3. Mrs Bee's Emporium

Funny Spider Plant & Pot | Live Houseplant Present | New Home | Easy to Keep House Plant

Mrs Bee's Emporium - Perfect for secRET SANTA. Has a hole in the bottom like most of us. Funny spider plant pot and small 5cm live houseplant. Buy with confidence - check out our 5 star sellER REVIEWS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. This listing is for a grow your own kit: the plant pot, 2 compost disks, a 5cm spider plant, some googly eyes and instructions to show you how to care for your new housemate. For easy water drainage, to keep your HOUSE PLANTS HAPPY . Desk sized pot | packaged in a smash proof mug box to ensure safe delivery.
BrandMrs Bee's Emporium
ManufacturerMrs Bee's Emporium

4. Garden Market Place

Indoor Plant -House or Office Plant -Chlorophytum, Indoor Spider Plant

Garden Market Place - Chlorophytum - indoor Spider Plant - Easy to keep variegated house plant. These plants are approx 15cm tall. Search ‘ideal to sit house plants In’ to see our range available on Amazon in white or lime green in different sizes.

Commonly known as a spider plant, they are very easy to keep and tolerant of neglect, so very popular. Ideal to put in a hanging basket so the stems can cascade down. Quick growing, putting out wiry stems in the spring and summer which have small white flowers and then plantlets on. Please note that the planter is not included. Need a planter? why not buy one now to save on postage costs.
BrandGarden Market Place
ManufacturerGarden Market Place

5. GardenersDream

Indoor 30-40cm Potted | Monstera Deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant

GardenersDream - The hue of green is fantastic and a feature that makes the plant so pleasing on the eye. Plant height is approximate and is measured from the base of the pot to the top of the plant. This fits in well with indoors as you have the option of a bathroom or conservatory, whilst also having the option of an office, a window sill or anywhere that exposes the plant to the partial shade it craves.

The low maintenance houseplant takes a misting once or twice a week, whilst also needing a water when the top of the soil is dry to touch. Easy plant to care for – caring for the plant is simple. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included. South american background – originating from south america, this plant is used to warm and humid surroundings.

Lush green foliage – the colour on the plant’s foliage is a lush green, akin to that of a rainforest colour. It will bring all of those qualities into your indoor environment and be the focal point of any room. Fits well in many indoor environments – the swiss cheese plant loves humid environments and partial shade. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

6. Thompson & Morgan

Ideal for Shelves and Hanging Baskets 1 x Chlorophytum Variegatum 12cm Pot by Thompson & Morgan, Office, Conservatory, Spider Plant Indoor House Plant Air Purifying Easy to Grow Indoor Plant for Home

Thompson & Morgan - Potted chlorophytum variegated house plant; this plant is supplied in a 1 x 12cm plastic pot. If you’re not 100% happy then neither are we, so let us know and we’ll replace your product or give you your money back.

Often considered as poplar as the venus fly trap and aloe vera plant in the grow your own houseplant world. An easy to grow house plant producing striking, architectural, striped foliage, ideal for beginners and a great gift plant. Produces young ‘pups’ for potting up and creating more plants, once mature the plant grows upward facing stems that produce white flowers to compound with the beauty of the variegated foliage.

Supplied with t&m's very own cultural instructions on how to care for your plants. A brilliant air purifying plant offering year-round interest in any situation; offices, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and on windowsills. Your satisfaction guaranteed; we want you to be 100% satisfied with any product you buy from us.
BrandThompson & Morgan
ManufacturerThompson & Morgan

7. GardenersDream

1 x Chlorophytum Variegatum | Evergreen Indoor 20-30cm Potted Spider Plant

GardenersDream - Images are for illustrative purposes only. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included. Ideal indoor plant - if you place the chlorophytum Variegatum in the correct spot within your home, window sill or other indoor space, office, you are guaranteed to adore the plant and all of its stunning features.

Easily cared for – place the variegatum in an area where partial shade and some direct sunlight are present. Then, reduce it to just once a month as temperatures fall. Perfect plant for air-purifying - purify the air with the Chlorophytum Variegatum. Both of these colours show themselves off well, with a great contrast being had between the dark and light shades they give off.

The spider plant will remove any harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins from the air, revitalising and freshening up the air around it. You can then move onto watering which, in Winter, in the Summer months can be done up to twice. Distinctly striped leaves – each leaf that the chlorphytum variegatum possesses has both green and white stripes upon it.

8. GardenersDream

Chlorophytum Variegatum, Spider Plant | Indoor Plant Gift 20-30cm Incl. Pot

GardenersDream - It will get to work on cleaning the surrounding atmosphere by removing harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins from the air. You can choose to situate the plant almost anywhere indoors, providing you can offer it partial shade with some direct sunlight. The chlorophytum variegatum is finished with such a neat appearance that you are going to struggle to find anyone who doesn't envy this plant.

Care guide - water the plant up to twice a month in the summer months when temperatures are at their peak. Whether that be in a visual sense, you will be very pleased with every aspect of this stunning indoor plant. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Fresh and clean foliage - there is one thing this plant offers in abundance, and that is the sheer cleanliness and fresh look it will bring to your indoor space.

Revitalises and freshens the air - chlorophytum Variegatum can offer air-purifying qualities to your indoor space in abundance. Then, when winter approaches, reduce these levels to just once a month. The perfect houseplant - when you place this plant within almost any indoor setting, when utilised as a houseplant, or through the plants air-purifying qualities, you are almost guaranteed to adore everything about it. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included. However, you are going to see plenty of benefits from it.